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My Confidante

I am not an open book, so I don't share everything that run through my mind to a second person. I believe it isn't that necessary. I'm the confidante of myself. And you know why?
Who else other than yourself is within your control all the time?
Who can really understand and interpret your feelings exactly more than yourself?
Who else can follow the evolution of your thought streams, forgive you for being what you thought you would never be and correct you without causing any trouble?
Everything doesn't need to be talked about. So I keep many of the things to myself only.( I didn't say ‘most’.) And that has rescued me from troubles several times. When it comes the cases of second persons, next to myself, I would talk about and share my feelings to people once I get close to them. That will definitely take time. Also, I haven't found a single person with whom I can share everything that bubble up in my head. Even if I find I dare not. Period.
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Found ,at last !

At last  WordPorn found me. the-realest-me .