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Dear Cold play,
   Thank you a zillion times. For bringing hope in my sleepless nights. For saving me from the high edges. For lifting me up from depths.
    No matter how long we know each other,  I miraculously fell for your magic. You are far enough to make any hopeless romantic to feel the heart racing. You are enough to jerk one out of the blues. You are enough to lighten up the whole world.        I began gazing the skies full of stars, with much more wonder. I redeemed my belief in miracles. I felt light in the shadows. I saw the sun beneath the stormy skies.  And felt Everglow  sometimes. I realised I could be someone special and added colours to my dreams. You told me not to be scared to grow strong. You carry a universe and even my day. I may call you a medicine, and that won’t be a hyperbole. 
An indebted survivor.