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It is more than twenty years that I had been here in this beautiful planet as a humble Earthling. Life here is not so boring ; the hills, mountains, valleys, oceans, storms, breeze , sun, moon, stars ,sky – everything has its own stories to tell and lessons to teach , but only when we watch them close. just like everyones journey mine too was worth living when I look back. Because it has moulded me up. So, these are what I am, what I see when I look back and what has moulded me to step ahead.

  • Life is dynamic. Sometimes unexpected things happen in your life to change the direction of its flow. Embrace  the change. Life is not full of rainbows. Though climbing up the hill is difficult, the top view may be breathtaking.
  • I have always wondered what the ultimate meaning of love is. The question is quite intriguing. Family ? friends ? The purest form of love I believe is the love that a mother has towards her children and I am not sure about the other forms of love.
  • The ultimate power I believe in is God. I am not that kind of person who would rush into temple as a ritual during exam days. I don’t think that matter much. “If He has made us , He would have planned everything”. There are many times when He has saved me from troubles , creating miracles. But still there are paths which I think why He has made me to opt. Well, maybe He has a better plan.
  • I have come across many people from whom I have learnt some do’s or don’ts in life. Peoples’ lives are the living lessons for you to learn.
  • There was a change that I always ardently yearned for, prayed for, to happen in my life . But alas! God too failed to make it . And I missed it- ‘I longed for a transformed You, I lost You completely, And I missed That for a lifetime.’ It is still a void.
  • I have always felt that if I had a male sibling my story would have been so different.
  • There are still dark secrets in my innards which haven’t ever seen the daylight. Everything doesn’t need to be talked about.  Certain things are better when untold, be it good or bad.
  • One should practice voicing one’s opinion and develop the attitude of responding to what he/she dislikes or what he/she think is wrong. I still regret being not so responsive in some moments of life. But I am growing, I have started saying yes for an yes and no for a no.
  • Give more, expect less because expectations hurt sometimes.
  • Life always bounce back. The universe will reflect back what you do to others. So spread goodness everywhere. Lend a hand whenever possible. It will definitely reach you back as miracles in your difficult times.  
  • Money in your pockets cannot buy anything in life. The most valuable things in life come without price tags. During the lifetime, live , love and make some people who would sincerely mourn at your death. (I am very much anxious about how many people would mourn at my death.)
  • I bear special reverence to the male beings who stay aloof from the so-called pleasure and peace of mind offered by alcohol and drugs. When life presents a lot of beautiful things to get intoxicated, I wonder why  people depend upon unnecessary things. It is enough to get drunk on the idea of love and happiness.
  • Verbal violence is another hell of a thing I hate. Words are immensely beautiful, I love it. It has greater power to heal, to bring joy in our souls. I wonder why people abuse each other with words. Verbal abuse.
  • I had wonderful school life at a place where everyone loved me and watered for my growth. It moulded me well as a person.
  • Regarding friendship after school life, only those who are meant to stay will remain. The peachy  letters in autograph  book do not account for real friendships. I feel this because the ones who still cling to me are the ones who haven’t touched my autograph book.
  • Physics teacher taught,’ Parallel connections are better than series connection’. And so, that is my idea of friendship. Though the joy of  being in a friendship gang is extreme, the relationships which we make with each one in person will remain even when the weaker links of the chain break. Because the friendships which exist are the ones which I cherish individually.
  • Some people are  gold. They stay with us through thick and thin, instill confidence whenever we are the edge. Some light up the spark and help us grow, refill us whenever we feel empty and help us to sense the stars inside us. And I realize these people are for lifetime.

Sorry, that was quite long and disordered, and incomplete too. Many thoughts still stay hindered. I meant to write something else but I ultimately it shaped up into my inner monologue.

Well ! I feel weightless. Many of the  above are breathing air only now. Some pictures may be vague.  Some may stir you with confusion. But never mind. Don’t study me , it will not help you to graduate. Thanks for reading.


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