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The year 2017 was a mixed bag. A pot pourri . How 2017 struck me at that midnight and how 2017 turned out on me is like night and day. I began it in a low note. But I already saw a storm of change in the days to come. Thus it happened.
Out of certain tribulations, I made up my mind to look up more on myself rather than anybody else. Ultimately one has to stand up for oneself. My-beautiful-lady bought me laptop , a sort of what I had been yearning since I started learning how to paint in computer. Thus she made her first accomplishment of the year.  The very first thing I did with it was , I began a blog which  was an exciting idea that I had been carrying in my mind for not-so-long time. I called it Seasons when I found the close association it has got with people and life. Life is like seasons, and so are people. I started bottling up all my thoughts and emotions there.
I realised once you pour your heart and soul into something you love, you will get no time to regret. I began engaging in activities in which I found myself and stayed busy. There was not even a day I spend without conversing with my inner bae. Though I was a little late to discover myself and begin working upon me, I see a better-me in make .
I was introduced to the amazing platform,Quora . That was a remarkable twist which had made a significant impact on me. I improved my language and writing skills. I stumbled upon people from different spheres of life, read their answers and  wondered how people own different perspectives on the things around. I started developing my own perspective on everything I see. I started writing answers and managed to get 500+ followers. Every upvote boosted my confidence.
As the college life closes to its end I befriended with many good people. I shook my hands with my like-minded friends. There were friendships I intentionally made and which accidently came. It will be really hard when they pack their bags to home for that one last time.
Another splendid part of 2017 was the nine day long journey I had with my friends. We jostled our shoulders with the loftiest Himalayas, stunned at the beauty of Kulu Valley and the serenity of the great Golden Temple. The experience was indeed beautiful. Beyond words.
I started to take writing seriously and began working on it.I worked on handling the extremities of my emotions. I started learning from people rather than getting involved too much in people.
Hence I made a bunch of realisations. My greatest accomplishments of the year.

  • There were people who helped  to sense the stars inside me and help me grow. I learned there is happiness in helping people grow and see how they flourish. An unparalleled happiness.
  • There were people who told that self motivation is the best motivation. I learned you need to motivate yourself in daily basis to keep yourself moving.
  • There were people from whom I learned one should not stay back worrying about the limits. Firstly one need to  jump into the river to learn swimming.
  • There were people who infused confidence on me whenever I stood at the crossroads and doubted my capability to take decisions to choose between the choices. I learned they are invaluable people and its necessary to hold them tight.
  • There were moments I felt like scatter-brained and worried figuring out what is going around. I learned its okay if you don’t feel confident, all you need is to pretend confident and if you carry enough fire, you will end up reaching somewhere worthy.
  •  There were times people pitied on me and intensated my worry on my inner self. I learned it is necessary to be a wow in one way or the other.
  • There were times I realised the time you spent with people must really be worthy. I learned to make conversations rather than nonversations.
  • There were times I felt to and fro to people . I wonder how people oscillate without thinking about the ones tied to them. There were moments which ripped my heart apart. I learned it will be difficult to hold emotional attachment to people.
  • There were moments I felt totally disordered and messy. I learned I have to practice discipline and routine to bring me in line.
  • There were times I realized not everyone is supposed to stay back in your life. Not everything is supposed to be everlasting. I learned even if situations change and people leave, hold on to what it left on you.
  • I learned holding grudges doesn’t help you to move on. All you need is to absorb the positive vibes and let go the rest.
  • I learned the essence of following good people and feeling the muse.
  • I learned care is not about calling your friend at midnight to wish for birthday, but its about staying along in the rest of the days.    
  • There were people who were really meant to be supporting hands, but disappointed me at certain situations. Also I saw events which dawned adversely on my people from all of which  I learned one need not be blindly sincere to anyone.
  • There were people who walked alongside to listen to my worries. There were people who stood constantly  fine since we met despite the spring and fall. Pretended knowing everything without even talking about. I learned it is essential to be loyal to such people.

Thus my 2017 was made. With a lot of such realisations, with a lot more things to accomplish and with a lot of dilemmas to choose between  , I usher in  the brand new year 2018.   


  1. U sprouted in 2017 and going to cherish in the coming years.. And i feel so lucky to watch you grow and cherish like a fruitful tree of hope, love, confidence etc etc etc....
    You are still at a peak where nobody around you haven't reached.... go on dear... All the best...


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