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The F-word

Shall I call it an F-word, it’s a buzz word really.
Sometimes when me or my friends talk in particular about girls , a girl’s dream , the fire she carries within, ,some friends call us feminists . But I don’t care ‘cause I carry a pinch of feminist in me and that’s worth wearing, I strongly believe. But my feminism may not be the same as they may assume.

Woman and Man are two sides of the same coin when God created them; with certain differences in their biological features. With these differences they are peculiar to one another, and were meant to complement each other. During the cave ages, men went for hunting out in forests for food and women remained in caves cooking food and taking care of babies. But what if men took out women with them, for hunting? What if, they taught women to climb trees, hunt for food and to defend themselves from enemies? What if, women insisted on men to learn cooking and taking care of babies?  Then this would not have been the story.

Since the time immemorial the society followed certain norms like men are meant to earn and women are meant cook. I wonder why some boys see walking with girls is less masculine. I wonder why people scold girls for staying online late, and not boys. I wonder why girls can’t go out at night, but boys can.  And if girls are asked to sit in house warning her about the insecurities, whose inability it is?

The world is gradually changing these days and the present generation and the generations to come will surely dissolve the barriers. So here, my feminism hopes for a world where men and women complement each other even more strongly than now. They enjoy equal freedom in how much they study, where they work and what they wear. Children are brought up with values to respect human beings of all sorts. It’s the time to get rid of gender roles.

But in these days when feminazis spread hatred of men and belittle men, feminism is seen diverging from  the focus point and it loses its sheen. Feminism is not a celebration of womanhood. It is not about overpowering men.It is not about peddling a propaganda that men are bad. God created us equal. Women are neither less nor more than men. Men are neither less nor more than women. Together we can build up a beautiful  world.

I feel fortunate enough to be born to an evolving generation with voice. Being into  group of people which gives space to make opinions openly without any gender barriers.Luckily I met men who talk lucidly about feminism, men who long to bring up girl children, men who owe to build wings to the woman in their life, men who give freedom to women to be what they are. So I have good faith and hope for a world that does not look strange at a girl in darkness. That does not laugh at  boy who cry. May the barriers dissolve and let's together walk ahead hand in hand.

P.S. Sorry, I repeatedly wrote ‘men and women’ , but I should switch to saying all human beings. That’s what it really implies.


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